Monday, December 31, 2012

In a nutshell

The shocking murders of those beautiful little children and their teachers in Connecticut have caused some serious discussions about our society. Liberals blame the atrocity on guns and strive for stricter gun control laws. More conservative citizens blame societal changes. Both are right. I've carried a weapon since I joined the Marines in 1944 at the age of seventeen. Seven years in the Marine Corps, fourteen years with an armored car company and a lifetime license to carry firearms have never caused me to violate the law.

The problem is too many nut cases have access to military style weapons and ammunition. If you don't think there is a general dumbing down of our population, watch You Tube or America's Funniest Videos for an hour. The worse the accident, the louder the audience laughs. A growing number of people are strange to say the least. Between gruesome video games, horrible movies and rotten television programs, our very young are being systematically corrupted. Until this changes there will be more of those horrible incidents.

One of the most appropriate e-mails I've received about this tragedy sums it up in a nutshell:

Dear God,
How could you allow this kind of violence to happen in our schools?
     A concerned citizen

Dear concerned citizen,
Don't you remember? I'm not allowed in your schools.

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