Friday, August 09, 2013


Remember a couple of years ago when the CRI was the hot issue? In researching an article recently, I came across more than 200 e-mails that were sent to me at the time and in re-reading them I found the comments interesting and still pertinent in some cases. There were so many I'll occasionally publish just a few of them at a time.

Here's today's batch:

"Carpet manufacturers' warranties state that if the consumer does not use CRI spotters they will void the warranty. But for a $50 CRI fee, I can sell them a CRI approved spotter. What kind of EXTORTION is next Mr. CRI?"

"Not comparing our industry to Medical by any means, but how many of us have gone to our doctor's office and asked about the qualifications of the doctor. And the doctor doesn't need to send his university money every year to keep hanging his diploma on the wall."

"In 15 years I have never been asked about IICRC certification. I have put it on yellow page ads, flyers and cards. I have had to explain it to adjusters, carpet retailers and realtors. This CRI stuff will turn out to be more of the same."

"Personally, I like bait and switch companies because it builds customers for life for my company. I do not like what they do to the consumer, but I like being able to be their 'light in a dark tunnel' when the carpet cleaning consumer does not know which way to turn."

"I let my IICRC Certified firm status expire. Just saw no purpose anymore. I think I had mine for close to 19 years. I am still as busy as ever. Seems like I was taking course after course to learn the same thing over and be sold something I didn't want or need. CRI is just another hand-out."

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