Friday, August 30, 2013


Remember a couple of years ago when the CRI was the hot issue? In researching an article recently, I came across more than 200 e-mails that were sent to me at the time and in re-reading them I found the comments interesting and still pertinent in some cases. There were so many I'll occasionally publish just a few of them at a time. Here's today's batch:

"I wrote a letter to the CRI protesting their motives and direction. The entire premise of Professional Testing Labs testing equipment and chemicals for the CRI is flawed. In a 3,000 mile wide country to insist that people come to Dalton, Georgia is absurd."

"More importantly, how could people who have never professionally or commercially cleaned a carpet in their lives dictate the parameters for an entire cleaning industry? But worse, they insist that we pay them for the privilege of working with their fallacious blessing."

"CRI could really do a service for consumers by taking a pro active stance in the fight against carpet cleaning services that are responsible for fires, explosions and carbon monoxide related deaths. These disasters gain notoriety in the press and embarrass our industry. They're nearly all due to a lack of maintenance and inferior (or no) operator training. This is a strong reason to emphasize simplified education and to approve schools that teach proper maintenance."

"Recently, I watched a half hour Rug Doctor infomercial on television. They're rated higher by the CRI than some gas truck mounts that are only rated Silver. That alone exposes the testing program as being badly flawed."

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