Friday, August 16, 2013


Remember a couple of years ago when the CRI was the hot issue? In researching an article recently, I came across more than 200 e-mails that were sent to me at the time and in re-reading them I found the comments interesting and still pertinent in some cases. There were so many I'll occasionally publish just a few of them at a time. Here's today's batch:

"SOA lost a lot of credibility when the testing was done with questionable soil and frequency of passes which put a Rug Doctor on par with a truck-mount. Bill I've told you this before. Follow the money! Has anybody looked at the ownership of PTL? Are there silent partners?"

"The ICS magazine survey shows one reason why the SOA program never got much traction with professional carpet cleaners. They are already buying based on product quality, and the SOA program was started to weed out the bad stuff that pros don't use anyway."

"Should I use the Rug Doctor® since they are watching? How much more for the NASA logo?
Historically, when a country, a society or even an industry is controlled by one individual, one faction and/or one ideology, there are problems that ultimately lead to total collapse."

"Too bad the CRI got some bad advice and initially pushed the "required by us" route, which will take some time to repair."

"99% of my customers nor I, could care less about what the CRI or IICRC says. I have held several certifications and have been a certified firm. That and $1.50 got me a ride on the bus. I am in favor of education in our industry but a certification doesn't mean squat without experience in the field. I don't need some organization telling me that my equipment, process or chemicals don't meet their standards. As long as it meets my standards and my customers' expectations, then that is all that matters."

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