Monday, August 12, 2013

More on California water shortage

Remember the blog I posted on Friday, July 19th about the big California water shortage during the '70s? It proved to be a financial boondoggle for my company which I explained in detail in the blog. Just scroll down in case you missed it.

My old friend and colleague Fritz Rench, Chairman of Racine Industries, read it and sent me this e-mail the other day. Over the years I've gotten to know and appreciate Fritz as a competitor with a lot of class. He didn't want me to suffer alone.

B... Just ran across this. During that California drought of which you speak ... finally I decided to react. Spent big bucks with the PR agency preparing press releases, info folders and "dry" banners. Agency lined up a number of big time face to face interviews ... such as the LA Times et al. So help me...the deluge you reported had begun as my plane from Milwaukee to Los Angeles was taking off. I kid you not!!!! ... f

Thanks Fritz, you made my day. All these years I thought I was the only one who got stuck. It would make sense that a dry method like Host could have benefited handsomely from that water shortage. We thought the same thing about recycling water.

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