Friday, January 11, 2019


An employee has been with a successful Carpet Cleaning Company for many years. During all this time, he had constantly complained and griped about the company, his boss, his fellow workers and his life in general. Suddenly, one day, he had a complete change of personality.

As a boss, are you a constant complainer or do you have employees like the person previously described? The easiest thing to find in this world is something to complain about. The more success a company has, the easier it is to complain about it.

Back to our complainer; what brought about this remarkable and unexplained change? He said that he had always wanted to work for a perfect company and have a perfect life. Therefore, he complained about things that were wrong with the company and his life. Then he realized that the company or his life would never be perfect. So he just decided to go along with the way things were in the company and his life.

Complaining is an old American custom. Most of the time it is harmless; it is a simple act of eliminating frustrations. It can, however, become a habit. It can become a chronically dismal way of looking at one’s life, company, bosses and fellow employees.

How much better our attitude would be if we look for things that are right. We can do this without being blind to the faults of our Company and our lives. It’s all a matter of what we choose to look for and focus upon.

The choice is given to each of us. Are we complainers or do we choose a path and course which will determine our success?

This path is the most basic and important choice we will ever make.

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