Friday, January 25, 2019


All of us could think with more creativity if we wanted to badly enough. Creativity is finding a better way to perform your job or run your Carpet Cleaning Company.

Creativity is something that everyone wants. Everyone seems to have ideas about it but struggle to achieve it. However, in some ways, creative thinking is like solving a jigsaw puzzle. If we work at it we can test each piece against every other piece until we find where it fits. This is how a creative thinker takes a problem and tries every conceivable answer until they find the one that works. For this problem solving technique to work, two things are essential. One is you have to be aware of your problem(s) and secondly you must be willing to work hard to find the answers.

As an owner, you are supposed to carry out your responsibilities. But a creative owner will do more than just carry out responsibilities. They will constantly look for creative ways to have their company achieve results more efficiently, which will in turn increase profits.

While all the time maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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