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Remanufactured Perma-Mount®120 Deluxe

Image of Bane-Clene Perma-Mount 120 Truckmount Carpet Cleaning Machine

Many of the components on this remanufactured Perma-Mount 120 truck-mount carpet cleaning machine are new or like new.

$11,500.00 + Shipping & Handling.

Complete with 2 cleaning heads, hoses, tanks and reels.

Shipping and Handling are not included in price

However, Installation and training are included if done in Indianapolis, IN.

One Year 100% Warranty. Certain Exclusions Apply - Ask Your Sales Rep for Details.

Features and Benefits:

  • Designed for the company that desires high output capability but does not require the portability.
  • Triple heating system: Wasted engine heat automatically heats your cleaning solution to the right temperature and an auxiliary electric heater is used for water temperature control.
  • Perfect fit for one-person truck operation!
  • Clean All Day Without Draining Dirty Water or Refilling Clean Water.
  • Please call 800-428-9512 for more information.
  • It is not necessary to operate truck engine while cleaning - saving fuel and avoiding carbon monoxide poison dangers.
  • The Bane-Clene Perma-Mount® 120 carpet cleaning truckmount machine is designed for the company that desires high output capability but does not require the portability feature that is standard with all other Bane-Clene equipment.
  • Permanently mounted tanks, utilizing the same time-tested working components used in our portable base units, allow a cleaning company to work all day.
  • The large insulated tanks enable you to clean all day without having to refill or dump water.
  • The system is totally electric, with no dangerous or expensive fuels required.
  • It is not necessary to operate truck engine while cleaning.
  • The Perma-Mount 120 provides the same fast drying as our other systems.
  • A perfect fit for the one-person truck operation where all work can be accomplished from your vehicle.
  • Designed for installation into a 3/4 ton van. 1-ton is recommended.
  • Note: Systems not available for purchase on-line.
  • Catalog Number for a new unit: 00011.

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Perma-Mount in carpet cleaning truck  Perma-Mount in carpet cleaning van

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