Friday, January 18, 2019


No one likes to make a mistake. As owners of a Carpet Cleaning Company, we want to avoid them.

But who can tell for sure whether a new idea will work until it has actually been implemented?

If the possible gain far outweighs the potential loss, it’s a mistake not to try it.

Successful owners don’t have enough fingers to count all the mistakes they have made.

That is one of the reasons they have attained success. They possess the initiative and courage to take action where others hesitate. When they do make a mistake, they try to learn something from it that will sharpen their judgment the next time.

Good owners are cautious but not too cautious. If they show an overwhelming fear of mistakes, the initiative of their workers will be stifled. People get overly cautious if every little hiccup tends to irritate their boss.

If someone does make a mistake, it is important to remain calm. Take your time to assess the situation and decide what corrective action should be taken. You want to place emphasis, not on the mistake, but on seeing that the mistake is not repeated.

It’s great to strive for failure-proof work but not at the expense of progress. Have the courage to embrace new ideas and don’t discourage your employee’s initiative by being overly critical when a mistake is made.

Occasional mistakes are the price of improvement and higher productivity.

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