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Remanufactured Super Aqua-Mount®

Super Aqua-Mount is a quick-recovery, electric powered flood water removal system.

Bane-Clene’s Super Aqua-Mount® may be retrofitted to Bane-Clene Maxi-Mount® or Para-Mount® truckmounts manufactured before 2005 for extra vacuum, especially for pump-outs.

This unit employs a specially engineered auxiliary 5 hp 230 volt electric motor and positive displacement vacuum pump to more efficiently evacuate water without adding dangerous and costly gasoline or propane-powered generators to your carpet cleaning operation.

With seconds, the Super Aqua-Mount will allow the operator to transfer from a normal quiet and efficient cleaning mode to a higher velocity, quick-recovery flood water removal system. This is performed by a simple switch of a vacuum hose - and it is still electric!

The Bane-Clene engineered Super aqua-Mount system is a definite requirement for your fleet if water restoration is projected to play a prominent role in your service business. Near-impossible drying times can now be achieved in those highly time-sensitive cleaning jobs.

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  • Power Unit: All Electric, 230V, 60 Hz Single Phase, 19.2 AMP HD Motor Unit with Sealed Bearings. Requires no Maintenance.
  • Vacuum System: Positive Displacement, Modified SAV, Cast Iron, 2 inch Intake and Outtake Ports with impeller construction. 163 CFM at 10" Hg.
  • Weight: Approximately 225 pounds.
  • Size: Approximately 22" H x 18" W x 32" L.
  • Power: Use 5,000 watt generator (min.) or 220 hook-up at job site.
  • Warranty: 1 year Conditional Warranty.
  • $3,995.00 + Shipping & Handling.

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