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Salesmanship for Carpet Cleaning Technicians

Salesmanship for Carpet Cleaning Technicians

Most carpet-cleaning technicians seem to know only two kinds of sales techniques for add-on sales: “hard sell” and “no sell”!

We recommend that owners and cleaning technicians take a professional sales training class. These are offered at many colleges and Dale Carnegie™ locations.

The real key to selling is simply finding out what the customer wants and needs and then suggesting solutions to their needs, wants or problems. You do that by explaining the value and the benefits of the services you offer and by showing the customer what’s in it for them. Sales is a two-way “win-win” street - the customer gets a benefit and you get a sale!.

There are SIX STEPS to making a sale:

  • Prepare: Your clothing should be neat and professional - what the prospect or customer thinks of you on first impression will affect present and future business dealings. Make eye contact with the customer. Always treat your customer the way you expect to be treated - with courtesy and respect. Be the expert your customer expects. Know the advantages and benefits of your products. Have your sales tools, such as brochures, handy.
  • Get the customer’s attention: The first few moments with the customer are the most important. Always begin with introducing and identifying yourself - your name, your company, and why you are there. After that, it’s time to get the customer to focus on his or her home and what you can do to help protect it.
  • Identify your customer’s needs - by looking, by asking questions. Do you see signs of pets or children? Ask at least three open-ended questions such as who, what, when, where, why, which.
  • Offer solutions: This is your chance to introduce extra products and processes, such as carpet protector, rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, stone floor & countertop cleaning and protection, wood floor . One approach is to start with “based on what you’ve told me, … ” Finish by explaining the advantages and benefits.
  • Show the advantages & benefits: For example, “Teflon® carpet protector provides unsurpassed protection against stains. Protection against stains saves money, saves time, and makes vacuuming more efficient.”
  • Overcome customer objections: The most common objection is a result of price resistance. Just show them what a good value carpet protection is. “Only pennies a square foot . . . I can treat just the high traffic areas.” Or, I also have less costly carpet protectors manufactured by Bane-Clene: Bane-Guard™ and Sta-Clene®.
  • Close the sale: Summarize the benefits. Ask for the order. Most technicians forget this! Instead of asking for the order directly, you may give the customer a choice of one add-on sale or several of them - offer alternatives. Or you may make a suggestion based on your customer's wants or needs: “Based on what you’ve told me, I recommend carpet protection in the family room.”

How important are add-on sales? They can make the difference between success and failure! Is hard sell necessary? NO!!

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