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It’s an odd characteristic of human nature. A lot of us look at another person’s job and think it’s easier than our own. But is it? Also, to add a little bit of irony to this, is that the more talented a person is, then the easier they make their job look.

There are many times when your observation may be correct. But it is always wise to keep in mind that looking at someone else’s job is like looking at the proverbial iceberg; we only see the tip. All the problems and turmoil are submerged and out of sight.

None of us arrived at our present position without making many decisions, some right and some wrong. We’ve made sacrifices that we alone know about. We’ve work hard through the years to develop and fine tune our skills and talents. We want to be given credit for our accomplishments. So do others.

If we downgrade the accomplishments or the work of others, we are usually guilty of one of two things: a false confidence in ourselves or a need to inflate our ego.

For the people in a company to get along, each must give the others credit for their skills and abilities. There must be mutual respect. It takes many different temperaments, talents and abilities all working together to make a Carpet Cleaning Company successful. People must give others credit, whether they are above, below or on the same level as themselves.

All jobs are important whether they are your job or someone else’s job.

Everyone must recognize that for a Company to be successful and grow.

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