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Franchising vs. Bane-Clene® for Your Carpet Cleaning Business

Franchising vs. Bane-Clene® for Your Carpet Cleaning Business

No-Franchise Fee with Bane-Clene

Bane-Clene offers all the benefits of a franchise without the cost.

Singer Sewing Machine Company has been credited with being the first franchiser. The turn of the century brought soft drink vendors into the picture, and modern day franchises really took off when McDonald’s came on the scene. Two trends that continue are the increase in dual income families and the overall aging of our population. These trends both point to the fact that service related businesses will continue to grow.

Part of the great American dream has always been to own their own business, but the Small Business Administration reports that the majority of small businesses fail within five years. Some people start a business because they have some technical knowledge, but often they look at their business from a technician’s point of view instead of an investor’s position. Being a good technician does not ensure success in preparing a budget, planning advertising strategy or hiring and training employees. This is especially true in the carpet cleaning industry.

A franchise may seem like a good option because franchises usually include training, a proven product or service, advertising assistance and expert advice. Most people believe that purchasing a franchise is a guarantee of success, but a franchise does not guarantee success. But, franchisees must have a good amount of capital in order to eliminate early cash flow problems. The initial cost of a carpet cleaning franchise can be as little as $4,000.00 or as high as $75,000.00, plus equipment costs, monthly royalties, compulsory advertising fees and restricted territories, a substantial investment is required. Sometimes these initial costs and restrictions far outweigh any possible return on investment. Better franchises offer a proven product or service. Also, there are royalties to pay, and how, where and with whom you do business is regulated. Unfortunately, competitors could care less about boundary lines.

Many carpet cleaners started a business because they had worked for a cleaning firm and gained some technical knowledge. These operators often look at their business from a technician’s point of view instead of an investor’s position. Being a good technician does not help in preparing a budget, planning advertising or hiring and training employees. A franchise will help in these areas of business management.

With Bane-Clene, a complete array of proven brochures, camera-ready art, video and radio tapes, sales aids and advertising layouts are available and there is a special class in advertising at Bane-Clene Institute. With Bane-Clene, you get all the benefits and help that are offered by a franchise and you keep all of the money you earn. Most importantly, Bane-Clene system owners enjoy a success ratio that is as good, or better, than the best franchise, and they are totally independent.

Bane-Clene is NOT a franchise and has been in the service business since 1962. The company has been a supplier of cleaning agents and equipment since 1971 and there are NO territorial restrictions, royalties or mandatory advertising programs. Bane-Clene owners receive all of the assistance that a franchise gives, but without the initiation fee or the franchise fees.

Bane-Clene Institute, the first industry school to receive the CRI Seal of Approval, offers a three-day management training program titled “Course to Success”. Toll-free hotlines are staffed by experts in the cleaning business to help with everyday problems.

There is even a chemist on staff to answer technical questions. Manuals cover everything from accounting to the proper way to dispose of waste water. The Clene-Times®, our blog and our web site, provide updates on new technology as well as business oriented advice.

The most inexpensive and effective advertising bargain is Bane-Clene operators may have their own link from this website for a very low one-time fee.

The Bane-Clene National Referral Service has provided thousands of jobs for Bane-Clene operators across the country.

Bane-Clene systems owners are independent operators, and those who have achieved certification enjoy a success ratio that is as good or better than the best franchise.

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