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Do you have a healthy mental attitude? People who do display the following characteristics.

  1. A tolerant attitude toward themselves and others and a tendency to accept rather than criticize. This is very important when interacting with your employees.
  2. A realistic estimate of their abilities plus a determination to make the most of them. By making the most of your abilities, you will help your employees improve their abilities.
  3. You have self respect and pride in accomplishment. These are tremendous characteristics to instill in others.
  4. The ability to take disappointments and set backs in stride. As a business owner, you can’t let these effect your ultimate goal.
  5. The ability to respect others and a sense of responsibility toward them. By making your employees feel important, you will gain their respect.
  6. A tendency to face problems as they arise. If you wait too long to deal with a problem, then what was a small problem can become a bigger issue.
  7. The habit of putting your best effort into whatever you do. By doing this, you set a good example for your employees.

If you feel that the majority, if not all of these tendencies come easy to you, then you are well adjusted and have the inner strengths and desires to be successful.

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