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Dangers of Carpet Cleaning Fires, Scalding and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Dangers of Carpet Cleaning Fires, Scalding and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carpet Cleaning Van on Fire

The Dangers of Fossil Fuel Powered Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Photographs such as the one to the right are submitted to Bane-Clene® regularly by concerned and interested parties around the nation.

The first gasoline driven truck mounts were introduced in the early 1970s. There has been a constant flow of this type of equipment ever since. LP gas, kerosene, gasoline and fuel oil heating devices add to the danger. Some equipment requires the truck to operate at high speed while it is in is heated in use posing the danger of fire caused by an overheated catalytic converter.

In many instances, water is heated in a range that turns it into live steam. Pressure pumps force the super-heated water through aging hoses at pressures from 400 to 2,600 PSI (pounds per square inch). The danger of a broken hose is a serious threat to anyone within range of the spraying hot water .

Badly worn truck engines smoke and emit fumes when they are operating at moderate RPMs. Small gasoline, diesel and LP driven engines that operate at high speed drive equipment in many of the slide-in variety of truck mounts. As this equipment ages, the dangers of leaking LP tanks, loose fittings on gasoline lines and worn parts - all point to dangerous scenarios which could cause the loss of life and limb.

In another episode in the saga of carbon monoxide poisoning of carpet cleaners and innocent bystanders occurred in Pottstown, Pennsylvania when a direct-drive carpet cleaning unit was parked near a residence. The engine of the van was left running to operate the cleaning equipment. A basement door was ajar to allow the hoses to enter the house, and the carbon monoxide fumes apparently entered, too. Two employees and a resident of the home rushed to the hospital became dizzy and disoriented. The employees remained in the hospital, while the others were released after treatment. In an incident in Evansville, Indiana, 225 guests had been evacuated from an hotel and treated for carbon monoxide poisoning. A cleaning firm had parked a truck in a loading bay at the hotel. Fumes from the operating equipment entered the building’s air system.

These types of accidents and dangers cannot happen with electrically-operated Bane-Clene truckmounted carpet cleaning equipment. Electricity is the cheapest, most dependable form of energy. It’s safe - not dangerous like so many of the stored fuels. Bane-Clene truck-mount carpet cleaning equipment may be operated in a closed building without the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. Electricity doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and it does not break down in the middle of a job. It is never hard to start. Bane-Clene truckmounted equipment uses safe, efficient electric power. Nearly every other manufacturer uses natural gas, propane gas, gasoline or fuel oil for power - all of which can be dangerous for carbon monoxide poisoning as well as fire & explosion hazards.

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