Friday, April 05, 2019


Every business has its trade jargon; it is words and expressions that are handy, meaningful and convenient. But they are only that way to people in that business.

The trouble with trade jargon is that we may fully understand it but our prospective customer may not. While using trade talk is important, you don’t want to overuse it. You may want to either write down or tape your presentation and review it. After you review your presentation, ask yourself, “if you were not in the carpet cleaning business would you fully understand what you had just said”?

How many times have you had someone presenting a product or service to you and you didn’t understand everything they were saying? Don’t you wish they had spoken plain English? You certainly want to inject into your presentation words and phrases that are relative but you don’t want to talk over your prospect’s head.

Enhance your presentation with relevant and practical words and phrases that properly describe the features and benefits of your service and how they may relate to their industry. Also, if practical, discuss parallels to their business and yours. This way you would be talking your customer’s language which make your points more forceful and interesting.

Buying is as much an emotional act as it is a logical one, sometimes more so. If you can interject trade jargon they understand and can relate to, then the greater your chance of creating a favorable emotional background that will help close the sale.

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