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Boosters for Carpet Cleaning Detergents and Presprays

Boosters for Carpet Cleaning Detergents & Presprays

Before/After photo of cleaned dirty carpet

The above “before/after” photo of carpet cleaned using Bane-Clene truckmounted carpet cleaning equipment and cleaning compounds is from Veterans Carpet Cleaning, courtesy of John Cappadoro, Vice-President.

Boosters are carpet cleaning detergent additives that provide extra cleaning power when needed for tougher, more challenging cleaning jobs.

Detergent booster additives for carpet cleaning typically contain solvents, oxidizers, surfactants, water softeners, bacteria/enzymes and/or alkalinity/pH elevators. They are designed to improve the soil and stain removal, buffering and water softening performance of detergents.

Types of Carpet Cleaning Boosters:

  • Solvent-Based Boosters:
    • Citrus APS™ and Pro's Choice Energy are two solvent-based boosters sold by Bane-Clene.
    • Most solvent-based boosters are either citrus-fortified with d-Limonene, such as Citrus APS, or contain hydrocarbon solvents, such as Energy, that help remove grease and oil.
    • Solvent boosters increase the ability of carpet cleaning detergents and traffic lane spotters to separate oily/waxy/gummy soils from carpets, rugs and upholstery.
    • Solvent-based boosters can be added to any extraction cleaner or pre-spray for extra cleaning power for extremely soiled areas especially where grease, soot or food oils are a problem.
    • Bane-Clene Citrus APS:
      • Citrus APS Removes Oily Spots and Stains from Carpets, Rugs and Upholstery. Citrus APS All Purpose Spotter is a high-solvency, biodegradable, highly active spot & stain remover and traffic lane spotter for carpets, rugs and upholstery.
      • Citrus APS with d-Limonene citrus and nonionic emulsifiers removes soils and spots from carpets and rugs, such as adhesives, crayon, shoe polish, floor wax, chewing gum, oil, tar, ink, lipstick, cosmetics and fresh paint.
      • Citrus-based boosters like Citrus APS contain natural citrus oils for a pleasant orange smell.
    • Pro’s Choice Energy:
      • Energy is a solvent booster and de-greaser additive that DRAMATICALLY IMPROVES the cleaning detergent’s ability to separate oily, waxy, gummy soils from synthetic carpet fibers, such as olefin and polyester.
      • When used as an additive to a commercial grade aggressive emulsifier such as PCA™ Formula 4, nothing can compete with the ability of Pro's Choice Energy to remove impossible dirt.
  • Peroxide-Based Boosters:
    • Peroxide-Based Boosters, usually powders, chemically alter stains, soil and oil by adding oxygen.
    • Oxygen boosters enhance the cleaning power of your carpet cleaning detergent or prespray to eliminate tough soiling, fight odors and brighten colors.
    • Peroxide-Based boosters are most effective in warm water to hot water or detergent solutions.
    • Ideal for use on stubborn stains, like nicotine stains, or browning on carpet, upholstery and rugs.
  • Emulsifier/Surfactant Boosters:
    • Bane-Clene’s Booster™ fits into this category.
    • Booster dramatically improves rug, carpet and upholstery cleaning performance without raising the pH level.
    • Reduce both labor and chemical usage with the addition of Booster to the cleaning solution.
    • Booster is a concentrated, super-potent blend of Emulon® synthetic detergent complex with neutral pH additives, formulated to boost the cleaning power of cleaning agents without the danger of over wetting or browning.
    • Booster improves and is compatible with PCA™ Formula 4, PCA™ Formula 5, LCA®-256, Super LCA, TLS® 2000, Preface® and most other cleaners.
    • It goes to work immediately, brightening your cleaning results — without the use of optical brighteners, solvents or peroxide bleach.
    • Bane-Clene Booster is a detergent additive designed to boost the cleaning power of carpet, upholstery and wall cleaning detergents.
    • Action begins immediately upon mixing with your detergent — Makes every detergent more powerful.
    • Softens hard water, leaving carpets bright and soft.

Carpet Cleaning Detergents and Boosters Information:

Related Carpet Cleaning Boosters, Detergents and Presprays:

  • Booster™ Additive for Carpet Cleaning Agents.
  • Chemspec Enz-All™ Enzymatic Prespray, Heavy Soil and Grease Digester
  • Chemspec Express Lane™ Traffic Lane Cleaner
  • Citrus APS™ Spotter.
  • Energy Prespray Booster from Pro’s Choice
  • LCA®-256
  • PCA™ Formula 4
  • PCA™ Formula 5
  • Preface® Prespray/Traffic Lane Spotter improves cleaning without the risk of overwetting.
  • Pro-Zyme+ Grease Digester and Protein Prespray for restaurant, kitchen, dining room carpets.
  • Super LCA®
  • TLS® 2000 Heavy-Duty Carpet Cleaning Prespray / Traffic Lane Spotter.

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