Friday, January 31, 2020


As the saying goes, timing is everything and the same holds true in sales.
So answering objections before they become issues that may not be able to be overcome, obviously also holds true.
There are several reasons for integrating possible objections into your sales presentation. Among them are:
  1. Possibly avoiding embarrassment if your prospect brings up an objection.
  2. It may avoid an argument, if you have to prove your prospect is wrong.
  3. It may save time and allow your presentation to flow seamlessly.
  4. If you bring up the objection, it makes it seem less important.
  5. Finally, it shows that you are not trying to hide anything.
What if your prospect brings up an objection before you had covered it or possibly
it was not something you were going to mention? The best tact is to acknowledge
the objection and advise your prospect that you are glad they asked that and
you are going to answer it before you conclude.
Answering objections to a prospect’s satisfaction is important. But once again, so is timing. Choosing the right time and handling the objections in the right way keeps you in control of your sales presentation.

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