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How to Remove Acne Medicine Stain and Bleach Spots from Carpet

On occasion, a carpet cleaner calls us in a panic because a customer has called complaining about bleached out spots that appeared the next day after they had cleaned it.

Oxy 10 Acne Medicine

Acne medications such as Oxy-10® are designed to control facial acne. Benzoyl peroxide is a common ingredient in these compounds as well as in some foot powders and some other medications.

In the presence of moisture, the benzoyl peroxide in most acne medications form hydrogen peroxide, which can bleach out most carpet dyes or change their colors. Since this is an oxidizing bleach, it can be neutralized with a reducing bleach (anti-chlor). Red Relief or Red 1 would act as an anti-chlor, but the best anti-dote is ChlorX Bleach Neutralizer.

We recently added a video to YouTube about this problem and have posted it below.

How to prevent or repair acne bleaching of carpet:

  • If fresh and the carpet dye not yet bleached out or color changed:
    • Scrape up the medication.
    • Blot with Saf-T-Solv™ Dry Volatile Spotter.
    • Treat with ChlorX Bleach Neutralizer to neutralize the bleaching action.
    • Leave on the area at least 15 minutes to neutralize the benzoyl peroxide
    • Thoroughly extract.
    • Dry blot the area.
    • Let the customer know that bleaching may occur later and suggest greater care in not getting the medication on carpet in the future.
  • If old and the benzoyl peroxide has already affected the carpet dye:
    • Thoroughly soak the bleached area with ChlorX Bleach Neutralizer to neutralize the bleach.
    • Allow 3 minutes dwell time prior to your color restoration.
    • Rinse out the anti-chlor.
    • Very important: Remove as much moisture as possible before you begin your color restoration.
    • Spot dye where necessary with the CMC Color Modifying Cosmetics Color Repair Kit.
    • If you are correcting a spot on gray carpet, you will be using the Gray/Black CMC.
    • If you are correcting a spot on a tan or brown carpet, you will be using the Tan/Brown CMC.
    • Apply a conservative amount of Pro-Solve NE (soon to be renamed “CMC Application Fluid”) to the bleached fibers and rub the fibers lightly with the CMC to transfer color onto the fibers.
    • Work the color into the fibers with a Carpet Shark. NOTE: Pro-Solve NE is not the same product as Pro-Solve Liquid!
    • If excess color is applied, dampen a terry towel with Pro-Solve NE and wipe away the excess color.
    • Once dried, Pro’s Choice CMCs are considered semi-permanent. However, an aggressive solvent will remove them.
    • Treat the area heavily with ChlorX Bleach Neutralizer solution. Leave on the area at least 15 minutes to neutralize the benzoyl peroxide and thoroughly extract.

How to Treat Acne Medicine Stain on Carpet

This is video clip is from a portion of a Bane-Clene training class for professional carpet cleaners conducted by Bane-Clene’s chemist at the Bane-Clene training center in Indianapolis, Indiana.

VIDEO: Repairing Carpet Bleach Spots with CMC Color Modifying Cosmetics Color Repair Kit for Bleach Stains

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