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Red Color on Carpet after Acid Treatment - Cause and Cure

Bane-Clene YouTube Video - How to Fix Red or Pink Carpet Stain after Acid Treatment

Red Color after Acid

Have you ever treated a carpet with a rust remover or with an acid-based browing removal product and had the treated area suddenly turn pink or red?

On one of our many workshops, there was a water fountain in the meeting room and the carpet around it had turned red. I immediately knew what had happened! Someone tried to remove hard water scale on the water fountain and got a bunch on the carpet!

Sometimes, nylon carpet turns red or pink after being treated with an acid such as Brown Out® or a rust remover such as Whink®.

This is usually due to a pH sensitive dye used by the carpet manufacturer.

Treatment with non-sudsing ammonia will usually reverse this effect.

NOTE: It MUST be NON-SUDSING (clear) ammonia! The ammonia reverses the effect and simply evaporates away! Heart can now stop beating so fast!

Link to YouTube Video on How to Correct Color Change to Red in Carpet - from a Bane-Clene Training Seminar.

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