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When initially talking to a prospective customer, there is a period of time when you will need to overcome sales resistance. It is of the utmost importance to be enthusiastic and friendly. This will help establish the tone for your meeting.

What causes this sales resistance? There are potentially many reasons. Maybe it is the customer’s normal reaction. Or is it a feeling of obligation to the current provider? Or is it because the customer had a bad experience?

Whatever the reason, you need to break through this resistance. You can do that by making a brief and positive statement that will hopefully peak the person’s interest. At this point, you gauge the prospect’s further interest in what you have to say.

If the interest appears low, you must be careful not to apply too much pressure, as this will surely further the resistance. At this time, you should ask if the prospect has further questions or would like further information. If the answer is no, ask if you may follow up at a later time. Often, it takes more than one meeting to overcome sales resistance. Whether the individual agrees or not to another meeting, don’t forget to offer to provide information about your company and above all thank the person for the time that was allotted to you.

If you have peaked the individual’s interest, then it is time to start asking questions that will provide you the information you need to make a proposal. All the time, continue to be enthusiastic and friendly. You have broken through any resistance, you certainly do not want to do anything that will reverse that.

Overcoming sales resistance may take time and is a process, but if you use the right approach and techniques, you more often than not will attain success.

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