Friday, January 24, 2020


Are you a talker or listener? The problem some sales people have is that they are talkers instead of listeners. Because of this, they often miss the signals that a prospect sends out and then end up trying to close the sale instead of listening to the customer’s questions and or objections.

Obviously, the key to knowing when to close is to listen carefully to the prospect, with your eyes as well as your ears. If your prospect is not making eye contact or fiddles with non relative information, then you either have lost the prospect already or are in the process of doing so. It is then important to guide the prospect back. You can do this by asking the prospect a direct question; for example, was he or she “happy with the service they received last time”. Something of this nature will allow you to regain control of your presentation. Also, a direct question or two will help establish a proper time to close. If you continue to get the wrong or incomplete answers to your questions, then you have much work to do. If you receive positive answers to your questions, then this should signal it is time to close.

Too many sales people think they have to follow and then complete a preplanned presentation from start to finish without variation. If you fail to recognize signs that the prospect is ready to buy and continue talking instead of listening, you may miss the opportunity to close and quite possibly may miss a sale. The best time to close is when the prospect shows signs of being ready to buy. When that time comes, stop your presentation and close the sale. Be a listener not a talker.

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