Monday, April 08, 2013

Heart-warming e-mail

Dear Mr. Bane,

It is hard for me to write this. You are an avowed conservative and I was raised in a very liberal household in Maryland. I first started reading your blog 3 years ago for some of the good business advice it offered even though I was sure you were a right-wing zealot. Everything you wrote about politics was like a page out of the Tea Party handbook. If you had to talk about politics, I wondered why you did not talk about social issues that affect all of us. But some of the things you said made sense and made me take a hard look at my party.

Some of the things you did NOT talk about encouraged me vote for Mitt Romney. I am a Catholic and was offended by my party's positions on religion and the spread of Islam and the threat of Sharia law. The new health care law and the cover-up on the Libyan Ambassador's murder also turned me against Obama. I had been interpreting everything you wrote about from a liberal point of view including the debt this administration is running up. I think you should have gone a lot further, especially on the social issues. Thank you for speaking your mind.

A converted liberal,

Joanne Cramer

Thanks Joanne, your e-mail is very much appreciated. I don't write about social or religious issues because this is essentially a business related site. When politics infringe in a negative way on business I feel obligated to talk about it even though it isn't always popular or best for our company's customer relations. Social issues would get me into even more trouble.

One of the best things about America is that we can differ in opinion, have open discussions and still do it legally. Without sounding like a "right-wing zealot," I hope that doesn't change. The constant attacks on our Constitution and Bill of Rights are troubling.

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