Friday, April 05, 2013

More hokum?

Today there are people who aren't even cleaners telling professionals how to clean and what to use to do the job. Consumer Reports® tested carpet cleaning equipment and chemicals and the CRI™ came up with their vaunted SOA testing program. Now a company has announced a new way of measuring exactly when a carpet needs cleaning and how clean the job is when it's finished. The new program assesses and measures the cleanliness of a carpet's surface.

This is nothing new. Back in the '70s, Ed York was pushing the sale of a "Dirt Gauge" invented by Keith Williams so an operator could tell scientifically how much dirt was in a carpet. Pretty soon the whole industry will be walking around with little hand-held devices to tell us where and when to clean and what to use. Then after we're finished, we can walk around and stare at our little monitor and see how good we did our job. I'm glad I'm old!

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