Friday, April 26, 2013

When you need a lift

A famous speaker at a Bane-Clene® convention said this:

"You can think your way to failure or you can think your way to success. Belief is a form of thought. You can disbelieve yourself into a frustrated existence or you can believe yourself into a successful business and life.

"We do not half realize the power of thought either to destroy or to create. Thoughts are forces. You can't see them but thoughts are dynamic powers. Think negative thoughts and you activate negative forces, drawing back to yourself negative results. Like attracts like. Send out hate and you get back hate. Send out fear and you get back fear. "Send out defeat and you draw defeat to yourself.

Conversely, send out positive thoughts and positive results will come back. You gain victories by the thoughts you think. All creative, powerful living originates in thought. Get a good thought, build it up, develop it and let it take over. Make a giant of it, and it will make a giant of you."

Norman Vincent Peale

P.S. Happy anniversary to a very special and "positive thinking" lady.

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