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It’s important to listen to each prospect carefully and adjust your presentation for closing the sale.

By being prepared with several closings, you can fit the close to the prospect. This also allows you to try to close more than once during your presentation without repeating yourself.

Here are some examples of closings and how they will work with different prospects and situations.

  1. The simplest close is to ask for the order. This works well with decisive people.
  2. With indecisive people, it’s better to make a close on a minor point. Instead of asking for the order, you might ask them if they want carpet protector applied.
  3. With people who are dependent and passive, you may want to presume the sale has been made and start asking for details. Such as what day works best for you or what time can we start? However, this definitely does not work with independent and dominant people; they will likely show you the door.
  4. If you are dealing with a person that appears motivated by logical decisions, then a pros and cons balance sheet approach will help. List the reasons for having their carpet cleaned (pros) on one side of a sheet of paper and what happens if they do not (cons) on the other side. The pros will definitely outweigh the cons.

While the above closings may seem simple, they can all work when applied skillfully under the right circumstances. Naturally, your proposal must appeal to the prospect to begin with. But after that, the buyer’s personality will definitely enter into the picture.

The more you take this into account, the better your chance of closing the sale.

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