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Comparing Carpet Cleaning Equipment Costs

Comparing Carpet Cleaning Equipment Costs

The Bane-Clene Duo-Mount

The energy savings using Bane-Clene truck-mount carpet cleaning equipment are phenomenal!

In a trade publication, a well-known manufacturer of truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment compared the cost of heating water in his units to the cost of using another widely-known brand of equipment. The advertisement listed the competition’s cost for propane fuel as $864 per year. The ad stated, “This cost does not consider huge additional fuel and maintenance expense on truck-mounted engines that burn more than one gallon per hour during operation.”

A comparison to a third system would have been interesting. Bane-Clene®, for example, heats water while the truck is being driven to the service location and stores it in an insulated tank. Bane-Clene truck -mounted systems utilize otherwise wasted engine heat. When the engine is shut off, no fuel is consumed to heat water or operate the cleaning equipment. The savings on a Bane-Clene unit are obvious to anyone reading the ad, since Bane-Clene incurs none of the listed costs. Multiply equipment costs listed in the ad by the number of service units in an operation-the savings are considerable.

Now, add the factor of dependability, and there is no comparison. Bane-Clene systems require very little maintenance and operate for many thousands of hours before needing component repair or replacement. Bane-Clene has equipment in the field with more than 20,000 operating hours. Some equipment still makes use of the original vacuum pumps and electric motors. There is no way to estimate these savings unless has personally experienced mechanical break-down, lost time or incurred expensive equipment repair.

The energy savings using Bane-Clene equipment are phenomenal. If one considers that there are thousands of companies (most with multiple unit operations) using the system worldwide, imagine the savings in gasoline and oil which have accrued over the years.

A breakdown of equipment costs used for the above comparison was:

The advertisement closed with this: “The right decision can save you literally tens of thousands of dollars in operating and maintenance costs over the life of your truck-mount.” It couldn’t have been said better!

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