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Noise Pollution from Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Noise Pollution from Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Noise levels

Bane-Clene Truckmounted Carpet Cleaning Equipment Is MUCH Quieter than the Competition!

Noisy automobiles with loud sound systems permeate nearly every neighborhood in America. Airplanes, motorcycles, boats, hot rods and race cars send up a nerve-deadening din that must ripple across the twilight zone.

Many communities have sound ordinances. Concern about noise in carpet cleaning equipment has sent Bane-Clene® engineers to the decibel meter to test our equipment for noise pollution. A boom box, trade-in gasoline-powered truck-mounts, a trade-in portable machine and a Bane-Clene® machine were used for the decibel tests. Bane-Clene® equipment fell well within OSHA standards.

Decibel (dB) Readings at Indicated distances Away from Equipment
Equipment Tested5 feet away50 feet away100 feet away400 feet away
Boom Box91.8 dB*78.7 dB69.6 dB63.6 db
Brand X - Gas Truck-Mount 18 Horsepower100.3 dB89.5 dB84.6 dB75.4 dB
Brand Z - Gas Truck-Mount 16 Horsepower98.7 dB88.7 dB78.8 dB72.6 dB
Brand Y - Portable (electric)86.9 dB79.3 dB73.2 dB67.9 dB
Bane-Clene® Truck-Mount75.1 dB69.9 dB63.1 dB59.6 dB

*NOTE: All measurements are in decibels(dB).

In addition, Bane-Clene truck-mount carpet cleaning equipment are muffled by the insulation of the van. When operated with the van doors closed, the sound of the carpet cleaning machine was barely audible. At 5 feet, the decibel level was only 71.2.

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