Friday, May 17, 2019


Some people approach selling as if they were debating. Selling is not a debate - rather than trying to out talk a potential customer, you should be seeking a win/win solution. That way, when a sale is consummated, both parties benefit.

In the win/win approach, you show prospects that you are for them and on their side. Once you show them that you are concerned about their needs and problems, they are more likely to trust you as an adviser.

How can this type of relationship be developed? By being interested in your prospect and their business. By asking questions that show you want to satisfy their problems. By not assuming you have all the answers.

Some people are afraid to ask questions for various reasons.Some fear they may appear unprepared. If you have not properly prepared and are presented with questions you cannot answer, the odds of getting the sale are greatly diminished, if not completely lost. They are afraid that they will lose control of the discussion and get bogged down in irrelevant topics. Keep questions to the point and they become an important part of a presentation.

Questioning, listening and a sincere concern for a prospects needs and problems will put you on their side. And that’s the side you want to be on for successful sales. As mentioned before, selling is not a debate.

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